Homework can ruin your weekend


Homework sucks! It is the bane of our lives and can absolutely ruin everyone’s weekend. There could be battles, sulks and tears. And for what? Is there any point…..

These are my thoughts and tips:

1.Homework can promote independent work and self-study skill if it is motivating and at the right level

2. Homework should be independent work to consolidate what has been taught at school. It should NOT be something that you as a parent need to teach

3. If it is too hard STOP don’t do it, go back to school and gently insist that your child be given differentiated homework

4. Try to remain positive and give praise and reinforcement. But if he is struggling please don’t insist. It really is up to the class teacher to give appropriate work

5. Find out when is the best time for your child to do his homework – maybe straight as he comes in to get it over and done with, or after a break (you may then need to have a specified time that he starts to avoid arguments)

6. Make sure he is well fed and the room is not too hot or cold

7.Make a quiet space with no disruptions or noise to distract (if possible)

8. Have a reward or treat after he’s finished – maybe use a ‘Now and Next’ visual so he can clearly see what is to come

I don’t love homework and I can’t see the point.

But look at this genuine list of ‘homework’ (see below) that went home to Y6 pre-SATs parents last year. The clever, amazing, brilliant, thoughtful, kind teacher realised that they do enough on school. That weekends are for eating ice cream and laughing until your tummy hurts.

Maybe this week make an appointment to speak to your child’s Head Teacher and ask if the Homework Policy could be challenged.

Just a thought. But then I’m a Haribo kinda girl…..

What do you think?

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