15 Things To Do This Half Term So You Don’t Have To Hear “I’m bored..”


Oh no! Half term is nearly upon us and already many parents across the land are gearing themselves up for a stressful week.

If the weather is crappy and the options are limited as things are too pricey, what is there to do that will stop the mournful cry of ‘I’m bored’?

We know the signs only too well. First the boredom.Then the cheeks go red and a bit of stroppiness. Then some attitude about something minor. Then before you know it a full blown tantrum ensues.

So before that happens, here are my 15 Top Tips for a busy and full half term that won’t cost a fortune and will keep everyone entertained and happy.

#1 My first and most important tip is planning. If you decide together what is going to happen on each day there will be less chance of a tantrum or moaning. Click here for a planner to use every day.

#2  Keep supermarket shopping to a minimum if you know this is going to be too stressful. Maybe do online shopping for this week.

# 3 Have a movie day. Rent a film and make some popcorn. Make the tickets and ‘sell’ them at the door. Arrange the seats in rows and show people to their seats with a torch

#3 Valentines Day on Tuesday. Make hearts to hang all over the house out of a variety of materials. Write little messages on each heart. Maybe use salt dough and some glitter paint for extra special ones <3

#4  Make a bird feeder A fun activity that you can do together and watch the results with your camera phone at the ready!

#5 Perform a play. Write a script and prepare costumes. Video it and then edit on Movie Maker

#6 Prepare dinner together. Write out the recipe and then design a menu and place settings

#7 Make egg heads out of cress and egg shells. I saw some googly eyes in Poundland today for added effect

#8 Go out to the woods or park – even if it’s raining! Put on the wellies and hunt out the muddy puddles. Collect interesting natural objects such as funny shaped stones or sticks. Then make them into natural art something like this

#9 Check out your local library as they may have story sessions – if not go along and borrow 10 books

#10 Get out all your board games and play them! Rewrite any instructions and sort out all the missing pieces. You may need to make new pieces out of salt dough

#11 Build a den and make a picnic to take inside

#12 Make a rain cloud you’ll be amazed at the outcome!

#13 Do some mindful colouring. Google some sheets featuring a favourite character

#14 Make a glitter jar when finished, this can be used as a calming resource

#15 Make up a treasure hunt around the house with clues. The end prize could be an extra special ‘end of holiday treat’  like a local trip to a farm or theatre

So that’s my list.

I could add TV, DVDs, computer, Ipad, tablet, Wii – all of which are really great – but please try to limit screen time. Use the planner. Maybe they could be part of a cooling down part of the day.

It will be hard work on your part to keep up the momentum and keep the children occupied and happy. But use this time to have fun together and give your kids opportunities to be successful.

Please share your successes.

See you on the other side 🙂


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