Who is Soli?

here’s a brief bio to let you know what I’m all about..

  • Soli founded Yellow Sun to support families with children who have ADHD or Autism
  • Soli is a fully qualified teacher with some 30 years experience; specialising in Inclusion, ADHD, Autism, Developmental Delay, Down’s Syndrome and Dyslexia
  • She was a former SENCO (Special Needs Coordinator) at a large primary school in London
  • Her son has ADHD and so knows what it’s like to struggle and feel isolated
  • She is the author of a book Five Reasons Why Most Schools Fail Your Child With Special Needs
  • She has also produced  Live A Happy Life With A Child With ADHD an online training system for parents
  • She offers 1:1 bespoke coaching to parents and gives practical suggestions how manage their child’s challenging behaviour
  • Soli provides training and workshops to schools, charities and nurseries to promote understanding of special needs, inclusion and differentiation
  • Every month Soli runs meetings The Warrior Mums’ Club – mums who to get together over a cup of tea, chat and support one another, swap ideas and successful strategies. Soli delivers a brief training on an SEN topic
  • Finally, Soli wants to give back. So she donates a proportion of her income to projects that directly help struggling families