Brexit Shmexit


I know it’s important. I know it will impact my life. I know I should be concerned. I know I should be focussed on the impact on the UK economy.

But my daily life and it’s worries obliterates Brexit and buries it deep in the caverns of my consciousness.

To be honest, I’m too cluttered with daily dramas to think about the impact of the pound against the euro. Yes I know I should care, but at the moment I don’t.

I do however have many concerns way more important than Brexit….

When my son has managed to rake up car parking fines that would equal the national debt of Guatemala.

When my son just doesn’t come home one night, no message, no call and he just says sorry I forgot.

When my son loses his 43rd job because he got bored and he thought he’d try something different.

When my son has blown up the tumble drier because he didn’t stop to think that perhaps there were a tad too many clothes going in.

When my son stays in New Years’ Eve because the bastard ‘friends’ didn’t think to include him.

When my son says ooops when he puts a plate straight from the oven on my dining room table and leaves a  perfectly formed circle.

When my nearly 30 year old son chooses to record Lion King and Little Mermaid and watches them on loop, again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

When my son spills hair dye on the carpet and thinks neat bleach will do the trick.

When my son goes on holiday on borrowed money with no means to pay it back.

When my son ends up in hospital abroad because he didn’t bother to take out his contact lenses.

When my son frustratingly turns every serious conversation into a comedy sketch.

When my son is obsessively immersed in the reality world of Kourtney and Kim and thinks his only chance of a happy life is to appear on Big Brother.

When my son takes the bait of unscrupulous credit card companies dangling the temptation of new, shiny objects.

That’s when my brain goes into worry mode. So forgive me. Brexit will just have to take a back seat I’m afraid as I’m too busy getting tomato ketchup off the furniture……….


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