3 Steps To Self Love Success

Love is in the air. 

We are being bombarded with reminders to buy flowers, cards, chocolates, jewellery to give to loved ones on Valentines Day. I guess it’s nice to receive a pressie. But why wait until 14th February to tell someone that you love them. Maybe we should say it every day to our partners and to our children.

But for me, the most important love of all is self-love. I think it is vital to look after yourself. Whether that is taking time out to enjoy a walk in the park, sitting down with a cup of coffee or phoning up a friend.

You all know my mantra is You can’t pour from an empty cup – take care of yourself first‘.

Yesterday, our Warrior Mums met as usual for our monthly get-together in a hotel in Hertfordshire. This is a lovely small group who share stories, offer one another support, laugh and cry. This is such a special group and reminds me that together we are stronger. We cannot do this alone. Life is too tough and too demanding to try and handle the difficulties in isolation.

Here are some lovely comments I received in our WhatsApp group:

Being part of a group is certainly one way to find strength and knowledge.

Being a parent of a child with additional needs is tricky to say the least. It can zap your energy to the point where you have no strength left to argue or fight. So you end up giving in and the cycle of demands and arguments continues.

So it got me thinking. How can you possibly start to look after yourself when you are feeling run-down and exhausted?



If you feel physically well your body is more able to cope with the daily stresses:

  • Balanced diet
  • Quick exercise – use the stairs rather than the lift, park some distance away and walk, go up and down the stairs a few times extra a day
  • Get a good nights sleep by turning off your phone an hour before bed
  • Relax and watch TV or a good movie


Mental well-being is very well documented and we know that if you are feeling strong emotionally you will be able to cope with other problems in your life:

  • Get rid of any friends in your life who bring you down
  • Go outdoors as nature is known to calm the mind
  • Go on date nights with your partner – try new experiences
  • Laugh and have fun
  • Do the things you love


I think if you are armed with the right facts and tools about your child’s difficulties then you will confident to deal with the haters. You will feel more in control and less pressurised:

  • Read as much as you can about your child’s special need
  • Watch Youtube videos with clear explanations
  • Get a mentor or coach
  • Attend training or workshops with other parents just like you
  • Surround yourself with people who get it


I am putting on a fabulous 2 day retreat where we will be practicing all areas of self-love:

  • Therapeutic sessions such as hand massage,gong bath and reflexology
  • Outdoors sessions amongst the beautiful grounds of the hotel to practice stretching and mindfulness
  • Art and music sessions to have fun and reconnect with you – you’re not just someone’s mummy or wife. Get back a sense of you
  • Movie night – chill and relax with popcorn and a glass of wine
  • Learn from  experts who will inspire you with strategies to help your child
  • BONUS *1:1 consultation with Soli to work out where the difficulties are with your child*

I am limiting this retreat to only 15 mums. Many places have been booked already. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in learning, relaxation and having fun.

Do not miss out.