7 Reasons Why You Are A Warrior Mum

Today it is International Woman’s Day and on Sunday it is Mother’s Day. So what better reason than to have a little stop and think about the reasons why you are an amazing, incredible,  wonderful, powerful Warrior Mum…

7 Reasons Why You are a warrior mum

1. You have to fight to make sure that your little person is happy at school.  This will mean going in and raising your voice to be heard. You know that your child must have their needs met in the classroom, the playground, the lunch hall and the corridors. He must be included in all activities which may need to be heavily differentiated.  If he needs support, you know who to call, who to hassle and who to pester. You won’t be fobbed off. Go mum!

2. You juggle with the every day household jobs. So much so, that sometimes you feel like a bloomin circus act balancing the zillion things you have to do in just one hour. The house doesn’t clean itself. You are washing, shopping, cooking, Sorting out the phone bill and the washing machine repair. Working out why the little orange light is flashing on your car dashboard whilst taking a call from a call centre wanting to sort out your PPI claim (“no thank you – take me off your list”). Yet amongst all this, in the back of your mind you are still thinking about your child and how you can make his little life better.

3. You know that you should make a massive effort to look after yourself. As a Warrior Mum you know that it is vital to take time every single day to do something for you for 10 minutes. It will make you feel good. How lovely to sit and take time out and relax for 10 minutes. Listen to a song to make you feel good. Look at a magazine. Go for a walk. Phone up a friend. Have a bubble bath. Light a candle. Pick up some rubbish (that personally makes me feel very happy…). Put a Gratitude App on your phone and log every day something you are grateful for.

4. Every single day you have to be peacemaker in your family. The battles could be amongst siblings. But they could also between your little person and your partner. Sometimes we have to give the  dads a little helping hand. It’s okay for a family to row and have arguments. That’s healthy. But if your little person is always the victim and the fall guy, you Warrior Mum know that things have to change.

5You completely understand your child’s needs. You really get it. You are championing his rights and that sometimes he doesn’t have to join in, he doesn’t have to go to the birthday party, yes he likes to take his socks off, and of course he can have fish fingers every day if that makes his world calm.

6. Warrior Mums know that if you make your child feel amazing and special then his self-esteem will soar. If your child has great emotional health and resilience then he will be more able to handle life’s problems (because you also know that there will be problems)

7. And finally, the amazing Warrior Mum that you are knows to surround yourself with other Warrior MumsWe need each other. Ditch the people in your life who make you feel rubbish. Get support. Talk to other mums who get it and understand.

So lovely, wonderful, amazing, super mums.

Give yourself a high five, pat on the back and a massive warm hug.

You are doing a brilliant job. I am with you.

I want to help you

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