Too many presents?

I love this time of year. Fun, food, family and lots of giving. Giving? Yes giving.

Christmas or Chanukah or Diwali (insert as desired) should be a time when we share lots of lovely memories with our nearest and dearest.


It has become a consumer-driven, materialistic excuse for people to get into debt. I heard Martin Lewis on the radio yesterday brilliantly talking about the misery many get themselves into when they spend more than they can afford.

In my opinion,  Emma Tapping, the mum who spent over £1500 so her children could have 80 – yes 80 – presents each, is just stupid. The true meaning of giving is so overboard and ridiculous. Her children can’t possible benefit from this over zealous display of consumerism.

Although she is giving (which is great) there surely must be a limit to just how much giving correlates to happiness for all.


Now on the other hand, we have the likes of Basket Brigade

A fabulous organisation of individuals who volunteer their time, energy and effort to personally make up baskets of food and deliver them to the homes of unsuspecting, but needy, recipients. Giving? You bet.

And what about this? The Christmas Gift Experiment. The happiness people feel when they give to unsuspecting shoppers.

Too many presents? Depends. You decide. Would love to hear your views in the survey and comments below.


Let me know what you think

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