Ever met a person who completely rocked your world?

Today I attended a conference with my husband to continue to learn more about the strategies of running a successful business #successsummit15

I am always amazed at the variety of people from all ages from all walks of life who attend these events in the pursuit of a better life.

The speakers were varied, some more engaging than others.

But one man stood out for me above all the rest. Not a giant of a man but oh boy what energy, magnetism and passion!

Jeremy Gilley is founder of Peace One Day.

An incredible movement to promote peace across the world every year on 21st September.

He has engaged world leaders,directors of ย blue chip businesses, A-list musicians and celebrities, royalty and the most influential people on the planet. Seriously.

The Taliban agreed to let aid workers inoculate against disease in Afghanistan. There was reported 70% less violence. Many have laid down arms.

Symbolically McDonald’s and Burger King for that one day, joined to create Mcwhopper. Puma and Adidas similarly united.

The focus is not only on peace across communities but peace in the classroom and peace in the home. ย How amazing is this?

Awareness is being raised through delegations, sport, music, dance, arts and school collaboration.

My business supports parents with children with a range of difficulties and special needs. This amazing man has dyslexia. Not a disability. In fact, it has coloured who he is. It’s guided his path and his choices.

He absolutely rocked my world and his message of Peace One Day will be heard.



Jeremy and me!

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