X Factor or No Factor

So hubby and I decide to have a snuggly Saturday. You know what I mean. After a crazy busy week we were excited just to do nothing.

So first up was X Factor.

Now I don’t like to sound bitter and twisted but really Cheryl is far too skinny. Take a look. See what I mean. . .

Too skinny I think

Too skinny I think

Really I appreciate that she’s in the spotlight and feels she needs to look good. But really. There is more meat on a chicken drumstick.

What is this to do with Renegade Mums? Plenty.

Our kids are watching. Talking. And some will try to emulate.

We must be vigilant and keep talking to our children. Show them better role models. There are plenty out there. Gorgeous men and women who don’t need to look like a tiny imp.

Perhaps Chezza ought to take a leaf (not salad) from the Kimberly Walsh book of getting it right.

Now don’t get me started about Strictly. . .

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