Feeling guilty about your child going back to school?

The school summer holidays are very long.

Very very long if your child has ADHD or challenging behaviour.

Days may have been stressful, exhausting and sometimes even a total nightmare. Days may have also been wonderful, entertaining and a complete joy.

Parenting a child with ADHD can be totally and utterly exhausting as life is so unpredictable that it’s difficult to establish just what kind of day it will be…

It can be lonely too. A child with a challenging behaviour will have few friends. Other children are not emotionally mature enough to appreciate that your child is struggling to keep his hands, thoughts or opinions to himself. They will not be tolerant when your child spontaneously and impulsively throws the ball over the fence, knocks over a lego model to see what would happen or helps themselves to the chocolate cake from their plate. So our special children are left alone. No play dates. No invitations to the cinema. Nothing.

This is hard on all the family. Siblings, who are naturally popular, feel guilty. There ensues sibling rivalry on a grand scale which can make family life at times intolerable.

Our special children can feel sad and angry. And this is heart breaking.

However there can be some wonderful times too. Our special children, like all children, can be amazing, funny and a real pleasure. We treasure those times.

But then the new school term starts to appear on the horizon. Horrendous trips to crowded shopping centres to buy uniform and supplies acts as a terrible reminder that school is just around the corner.


Where our special children with ADHD are labelled as naughty and out of control. Where all their energy is centred on keeping still, not to fidget, not to call out and to pay attention. Pretty tall order.

So with school just around the corner, what happens? Our children start to play up even more than before. We get the rudeness, anger and sullen treatment.

And us mums? We continue to do our best. We are the peace makers, the entertainers, the organisers, the care givers and most importantly the ones who can make a massive difference to how our special children feel.

We build up their self esteem by hugs and praise. We set things up so they’ll achieve and feel good about themselves. We organise outings and day trips to create happy memories.

We do our best. But we are frazzled and exhausted by the end of the long, long, long school summer holiday.

So do we see the new school term as some kind of relief?

Too bloody right we do!

Do we feel guilty that we will have a few hours peace?

Errr – absolutely not!

Until next time, here’s to a calm and happy life 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Feeling guilty about your child going back to school?

  1. Atypical Day says:

    I feel guilty that I can’t protect him from him who don’t get him 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    I have mixed feeling. Happy I’ll get back into my routine again. Sad that it’s over .

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