Why we need each other


I have had an emotionally draining last couple of weeks with a very tragic and sad ending which has reminded me why we need to help and support one another.

I have immersed myself in Yellow Sun for a ridiculous amount of hours. I’ve poured my heart and soul into an online training system for families with ADHD. I have literally dreamed about how I can improve what I am offering to my families. When it was launched last week I felt sick with nerves but tingled with excitement.

I am super passionate about special needs but particularly ADHD, as you all know my son has struggled and continues to find life very difficult.  I want to change the way our children are treated at school and help families cope at home.

So the last couple of months I’ve appreciated the help of my gorgeous hubby who has lived with me having tearful exhausted moments, missing family meals, working until 1am, asking him to check and recheck the contents and generally leaning on him for guidance. I have needed his support.

This week I attended a Well Being Conference organised by the fabulous Space a wonderful charity providing families in Hertfordshire much needed support. It was a super event with some great speakers.

One of the things I love most about attending these events,  is meeting other parents and hearing their stories. Other families, who like mine, have battled with schools, the ups and downs of daily life, the despair of socially awkward children. I met a lovely lady and within 10 minutes we were crying with one another sharing our similar experiences. We were a group of 150 or so parents who shared their feelings of conflict, of despair but mixed with the right amount of humour.  As parents who are exhausted,  we certainly need one another.

This week I also delivered some training to a nursery setting on how to handle challenging behaviour. My audience were attentive and focussed to my message.  We must understand why children misbehave. We must take emotional well-being very seriously.  We must change our reaction to a behaviour.

As you know I am an assistant SENCO in a large primary school and I see that as colleagues and professionals we are also tired and shattered. However to deliver the best possible education for our special children, who deserve to be understood and given opportunities to thrive, educators must support and lean on one another.

And then yesterday I heard the sad, sad devastating news that my beloved Auntie Nina passed away. She was a very special lady to me and she devoted her adult life to teaching yoga. She taught both old and young and was deeply respected within her community. She had a spiritual sense of calm and well-being and a great spirit of the outdoors. I will remember her very fondly and with a huge amount of love. She supported and touched the lives of many. I dedicate this blog to my Auntie Nina.