Living with a son with ADHD

So this is the challenge and my dilemma.

On the one hand my son who is 28 years old is a total joy, makes me laugh and can be great company.

But on the other hand, he drives me potty.

He doesn’t see anything through.

He has no sense of consequences for his actions.

He is disorganized and is always chasing his tail.

When he was at school I was the parent dreading weekends and holidays. I felt lonely and isolated from the other parents who all seemed to have perfect children.

And now my heart breaks to think of what the future may hold for him.

Of course it’s not all doom and gloom. He has many special talents and he has qualities that I love.

But life, to say the least, is quite a challenge.

So his bedroom looks like a bomb-site (remember he’s 28 not a teenager). So he loses things. Forgets things. Breaks things. Makes inappropriate comments. What can I do…?


I do actually find him really amusing. And if I didn’t find the positive, funny side of things he does, I think I would spend my days crying a river.

I can help, advise, organise and attempt to keep him on the right track. I have tried to be a good role model and to be positive and see things from his perspective.

I have bailed him out but also refused to take the blame or be accountable for his mistakes.

I have got angry but also been sympathetic to his crazy choices.

I have ignored his rudeness but also understood his difficulties.

I have been a social worker, banker, cleaner,  hotelier, UN peace-maker, chauffeur and just plain old mum.

I think I’ve done okay.


Ho bloody ho!

So as my role as a parent and as an Asst SENCO,  I get asked an awful lot of questions about ADHD:

How do you support a child at school?

Should he be on medication?

What behaviour plans do you use?

What clubs could he attend?

So as a fact-finding exercise, I’ve set up a very quick survey and I would really appreciate it if you’d  let me know what questions you have about ADHD

Thank you so much 🙂

As a thank you, I will send you a FREE download of a fun reading game ‘Star Wars Attack’