Media Links

Listen to my interview with the lovely Lucy Parsons as part of her podcast episodes on education.  Lucy is an  Education Coach and is an expert at helping her students achieve their dreams. You can find out about her at Life More Extraordinary

I think you can hear I am a little bit passionate about getting the right support for our children with ADHD both at home and at school.


I was interview by the gorgeous Martine Ellis who also has a podcast series focussing on education. Martine is a teacher  who is helping tired teachers and trainers re-energise their practice and start to love teaching again.

The main focus of our interview was on how students with ADHD can be supported in the classroom. Martine has had feedback from fellow teachers who found this insightful and made them think again about their practice. Which is great to hear! Find out more about how Martine is inspiring teachers at The Teaching Space




Watch me on Chrissy B show talking about my experiences with ADHD. Oh and I mention my book a few times too! Chrissy B focusses exclusively on mental health and well-being. Check out her website The Chrissy B Show


There was a call-in on 5 Live about ADHD. So of course I had to phone up. Nicky Campbell let me talk for 7 minutes!


I met Debra Caldow at a conference and we immediately hit it off. She is a lovely lady who is running a project called Journey Skills. She has a daughter with additional needs and states on their website:

“We want to provide a central hub for like-minded parents and carers – a place to find resources that will help develop skills around purpose, relationships and daily living skills”